About Me

Just before stepping out for the party, she peered into the mirror for the final nod!
The mirror disapproved and said, “You are over 40, a mother with a mommy tummy, dress appropriately!”
Disheartened for a minute, she looked into oblivion, contemplating…
But! The narcissistic rebel in her reflected and voiced…

I am the woman who …
Chooses her attire to be the person she is, and she is beautiful.
Is alluring, romantic and yet a child at heart.
Is a born fashionista (though in the closet for a long time), and has an original style of her own.
Is eccentric and stands out in a crowd.
Is emotional and her accoutrements gives it away.
Is unafraid and possesses the gift of expression.
Possesses dresses and yet does not possess them, for she lives in them and loves them.
Loves all things pretty and beautiful, extraordinary and common.
Has a way with finery, however drab or dazzling.
Is becoming crazily experimental, for that is her core.
Lives life queen size.
Is a head turner.
Creates memories every day.
Has the strength to face it all.
Dares to dream!

Hi! I am Archana. The woman who you just read about! I am originally from India, but now I call Atlanta, home. I am petite, mother of a stunning little girl and the lucky girl who has an unbelievably supportive and encouraging husband.

I was a crazy workaholic corporate woman – a Banker to be precise, who later went on to head a Human Capital Consulting company and lived life as if each day was the last. Work made me travel a lot and I used to pen down those interesting snippets on Facebook notes. Then it became more formal and took shape of a personal blog, then another travel blog. And the writing flourished and brought me oodles of joy. But after I got married and my daughter decided to grace my life, the blogs took a back seat. Life slowed down and I started relishing the pace of it. Also, reality dawned upon me – that my life and my body were never going to be the same again, that I would never be a Size Zero again, and that I still wanted to be my youthful self.  Irrespective of what the world would say or think.

If you have read thus far, you know I have a keen interest in writing. I love writing about fashion, travel, motherhood, and the beauty of life that I witness in every nook and corner. And now, I want it all under one roof – Mrs Kapoor.  I am the girl at heart who is here to celebrate the unmistakable allure of the bewitching mature woman in every stunning locale. My goal in starting Mrs. Kapoor is to inspire women of every age to express herself in whatever form she deems fit, and embrace an ageless attitude and a refreshingly modern approach to fashion.

India – the country I hail from celebrates womanhood and inspires every woman to be herself and express her outlook on life. I want to invite other women to embrace their own personal style like I have because when you look great, you feel great and you step out of the door armed with that million-dollar confident smile. I want to urge women to dress beautifully and confidently, regardless of their wardrobe size, age, and body type because I believe that age, size, and income don’t matter when it comes to style. But I don’t encourage breaking your bank and burning a hole in your wallets. I am a firm believer of sustainable and affordable fashion – a versatile wardrobe that is built with affordable, timeless key pieces that can be worn over and over again, in different ways to fuse different looks.

I hope your quest for being and looking yourself elegantly ends here!

Welcome to Mrs. Kapoor!

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