And I finally adjusted my watch

  There are some things which are absolutely unique to you. You don’t realise when you do them and why you do them, but you do. And that’s what I did with my watch whenever I travelled abroad. I’ve been traveling out of the country for ages now, and for some strange reason right from the first time...

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Because Bombay is an emotion!

 Just recently I came across a picture that said - Bombay because, Mumbai is a city and Bombay is an emotion. The words reverberated in my ears and I could identify with it completely, wholeheartedly. For me, there may be a thousand name changes for this city, but Bombay will remain Bombay for what it represents, for what...

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Mrs Kapoor

Fashion Blogger & Traveler

I am Archana, the founder of Mrs Kapoor! I am a tea-addicted, travel-obsessed, stay-at-home mom; who doubles up as a closet fashionista! Being in love with colors, fabrics, bags, shoes and all things beautiful, it was only appropriate to find an expression in the world of fashion and share my style with everyone. I am a big fan of celebrating womanhood in all its forms and aspire to make everyone embrace an ageless attitude towards looking and feeling good, anywhere, everywhere!


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