Dolphin-watch along the Mediterranean Sea


“Hey, Ric, I think I saw a fin,” I shouted, looking through my binocs; sitting on the crow’s nest aboard Toftevaag, the beautiful 60-foot classic wooden research ship. Ric, the skipper of the ship and the Principal Investigator of the Spanish Dolphins Project immediately handed over the wheel to another volunteer, peered...


conveyer belt luggage

As I got off the craft today, I walked towards the conveyor belt to pick up my luggage! Having traveled by Jet, I looked up the incoming Jet 'Delhi' flight and stood there for a couple of minutes! I was deeply engrossed in my thoughts, wasn't too well the whole day and...

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Mrs Kapoor

Fashion Blogger & Traveler

I am Archana, the founder of Mrs Kapoor! I am a tea-addicted, travel-obsessed, stay-at-home mom; who doubles up as a closet fashionista! Being in love with colors, fabrics, bags, shoes and all things beautiful, it was only appropriate to find an expression in the world of fashion and share my style with everyone. I am a big fan of celebrating womanhood in all its forms and aspire to make everyone embrace an ageless attitude towards looking and feeling good, anywhere, everywhere!


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